Attorney Interview (mp3)

George is an expert attorney with 30+ years in financial services.


Listening to this call you'll discover:


• Why it makes sense to build "equity" in a life insurance policy rather than in a home or a 401(k) plan


• How a life insurance policy can protect your social security from income tax


• Benefits of using a life insurance policy loan instead of paying cash


• The answer to: Can creditors access life insurance cash values?

Featuring Dr. Tom McFie and Attorney George Kozol

Recorded July 2014

About Dr. Tom McFie:

Dr. Tom McFie has become known as “The Man That Beat The Bankers”, but that wasn’t until he stopped doing what the bankers tell you to do with your money, and did what the bankers actually do with their money. Now Dr. Tom shares what he found and what he does, helping others… while helping them become as successful as he is. Dr. Tom is happily married to Michele, just having celebrated 23 years! They have eight children the oldest is twenty-two and the youngest is eight. When Tom is having kickback time, you’ll most certainly find him with his family...flying, relaxing on the beach, reading, cycling, or walking.

About Attorney George Kozol:

George B. Kozol, J.D., LL.M, CLU is a senior vice president for Security Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York.  He received his J.D. degree from Syracuse University’s College of Law and his LLM from the University of Florida’s College of Law, both with honors.  He has been published in the New York State Bar Journal, Broker World, The CPA Journal, and since 2005, he has been a regular columnist for the Journal of Financial Service Professionals. Mr. Kozol is a member of the New York and Florida Bar Associations.  He lives in Binghamton NY with his wife Cheryl and their 2 dogs, Heidi and Maggie.

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