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Why it makes sense to build “equity” in a life insurance policy rather than your home or a 401(k) plan + learn more about how life insurance can help protect your social security from income taxes.

Consider your actual inflation rate, see if your social security income will be taxable and what amount of money you’ll be trying to live on in retirement.

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Discover how to maximize your savings and money management strategies for retirement using
The Perpetual Wealth Code™

Free policy/illustration review so you can find out exactly what products you have, or understand what you’re getting into.


Praise for Retirement Curveball

       Retirement Curveball is a must-read for any American who has a keen interest in finding a

path to a more secure retirement. Dr. McFie’s liberal use of real life examples to describe and

explain this path, which he refers to as The Perpetual Wealth Code™, makes Retirement

Curveball an enjoyable read. Dr. McFie’s path comes with an added benefit for the traveler –

less worry and anxiety about retirement.

George B. Kozol, JD LLM  -  Attorney in Binghamton, NY

Rabbi Daniel Lapin - Author of Thou Shall Prosper and Business Secrets from the Bible

         Retirement Curveball belongs in the library of everyone serious about money and life.
Dr. McFie, whom I personally consider a wise financial guide, is both generous with the vast trove of vital information he imparts and skilled at writing immensely readable material. Whether you are thinking about retirement, are already retired, or have never given the big “R” even a thought, now is the time to welcome the contents of this volume into your brain. This book is filled with compelling “Aha! moments” and will motivate you to make some highly effective changes in how you manage your money and your life.

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