The Perpetual Wealth Code™

Key Points of The Perpetual Wealth Code™


  • Save 10-30% of your income (see the 10-20-70 principle)

  • Ensure maximum control over the benefits of your savings (we call this Guaranteed, Available, Manageable, Equity)

  • Leverage your savings to finance your personal and business purchases and make payments back to your savings over time

The Perpetual Wealth Code™ is a collection of wealth building principles used by successful people both today and throughout history.


Life Benefits has compiled these principles to form a code that can anyone with determination and discipline can use to become a wise money manager and create wealth.

  • This creates Free Cash Flow, which is what Jeff Bezos used to build into the online retail giant we know it as today.

  • You get to recover interest you would have normally paid to a bank or finance company.  The Volume of Interest on these purchases can be anywhere from 10% on a small loan to about 50% on a typical mortgage + more if you refinance or move within 30 years.

  • You also have full control over the Velocity of Money. The Velocity of Money is how often you can lend money and use it over and over again.  This is not possible with investments that lock your money away for a long period of time (i.e. Tax Qualified Plans, CDs, Bonds, etc.)

  • Create a system to pass on generational wealth with minimal estate and income taxes

  • Experience the wealth of knowing that what you are doing is profiting not only you but others as well

  • Stay connected and energized by like-minded people applying The Perpetual Wealth Code™ (see Life Benefits Wealth Summits and other resources) - a winning experience where you get to be part of a living, breathing, organized body that is creating wealth for others based on values like; health, relationships, abundance and productivity


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The Perpetual Wealth Code™

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