Retirement Curveballs are threatening to destroy the dreams cherished by millions of people for their golden years.


These curveballs come in the form of management fees, deferred taxes, stock market crashes, broken promises, misinformation and more.


But you don’t have to swing at these curveballs when you recognize them for what they really are.


Reading Retirement Curveball you’ll discover how to:


     • Identify common retirement curveballs

     • Protect Your Financial GAME from these curveballs

     • Get on track to achieve your goals even in a so-so economy


Retirement Curveball is an easy read that covers many bases so you can keep more of the money you make and live your dreams.


When it comes to your money and your future its not time to take chances.


This book will give you the information you need to avoid risk and make sound plans for your future.

About the Authors

DR. TOM MCFIE | The Man Who Beat the Bankers

Dr. Tom McFie has become known as “The Man That Beat The Bankers”, but that wasn’t until he stopped doing what the bankers tell you to do with your money and did what the bankers actually do with their money. As President of Life Benefits and author of Prescription For Wealth and Winning Your Financial GAME, Dr. Tom serves as Mentor to many, helping his clients realize greater success and wealth in their lives.

Dr. Tom lives in Henderson, NV with his wife, Michele, and their eight children. When Tom is relaxing you’ll most certainly find him with his family:  flying, lounging poolside or on the beach, cycling or reading.

JOHN MCFIE | The Numbers Guy

John McFie is known as “The Numbers Guy” and enjoys software design. He personally oversees the design of many of the wealth blueprints for Life Benefits’ Clients. He has coached hundreds of financial service professionals across the U.S. and Canada to better serve their clients. During his free time you’ll find him shooting pictures, flying, cycling, playing volleyball, singing or reading.

JACK COHEN | CPA and Former IRS Auditor

Jack Cohen was an IRS auditor for 33 years. Now he’s done a “180” and specializes in helping the American public legally avoid unnecessary taxation. Jack certainly didn’t turn into CPA because he couldn’t make it as an auditor… NO, far from it! In fact, he knows his stuff so well that he was chosen to audit Cassius Clay before he became Muhammad Ali. Jack is definitely somebody you want on your side when dealing with the IRS. He’s not afraid of the IRS because he knows how it works on the inside. If anybody knows whether it’s legal or not, this is the man.

Praise for Retirement Curveball

       Retirement Curveball is a must-read for any American who has a keen interest in finding a

path to a more secure retirement. Dr. McFie’s liberal use of real life examples to describe and

explain this path, which he refers to as The Perpetual Wealth Code™, makes Retirement

Curveball an enjoyable read. Dr. McFie’s path comes with an added benefit for the traveler –

less worry and anxiety about retirement.

George B. Kozol, JD LLM  -  Attorney in Binghamton, NY

Rabbi Daniel Lapin - Author of Thou Shall Prosper and Business Secrets from the Bible

Tom Ziglar - CEO, Ziglar Inc. - (son of Zig Ziglar)

Keith Funkhouser - Rocket Scientist

Get Your Copy

Get Your Copy

         Retirement Curveball belongs in the library of everyone serious about money and life.
Dr. McFie, whom I personally consider a wise financial guide, is both generous with the vast trove of vital information he imparts and skilled at writing immensely readable material. Whether you are thinking about retirement, are already retired, or have never given the big “R” even a thought, now is the time to welcome the contents of this volume into your brain. This book is filled with compelling “Aha! moments” and will motivate you to make some highly effective changes in how you manage your money and your life.

         This is valuable information for anyone thinking about the “R” word – retirement. (And, if you aren’t, you should be!) The message in Retirement Curveball should be given considerable, serious consideration.

         Retirement Curveball is a great book. Just as in baseball, the pitcher will throw the hitter a curve ball as a deceptive pitch when the hitter is looking for a fastball coming right down the middle that’s how it is in the world of 401(k)s, 403(b)s, IRAs, Social Security, etc. Each of us as the hitter is trusting that the government has our best financial interests in mind for our retirement through these programs, where in reality we are being deceived.
The Perpetual Wealth Code™ is the pitch we want. The tables, graphs and website tools, really help the reader in understanding, planning and taking control of their financial future. Thank you for taking the time to share your insight with each of us.

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